Patrick Queisler

Inventor and designer of rich internet applications and websites.

Blood, sweat and tears

Some projects I enjoyed

Callcenter software

Something I can't talk about much. A new kind of software for callcenters – in the cloud.

Create Viam

A website helping you to find the perfect location for your holidays with a huge amount of possible filters. Featuring only the best hotels worldwide.

Telekom Deutschland

Working on the Telekom websites is my main job since 2003. I created the websites for the first iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Beside those launch campaigns and the daily maintenance work there are some really different projects every now and then. What you see above is just one screen of a concept for a responsive website including the shop I made for the pure fun of trying out new things.

Telekom Deutschland

It's a pilot project of a responsive online shop for Telekom Deutschland. I had a look at many mobile optimized shops at the beginning but faced lots and lots of challenges. No one really had a solution for how to combine mobile phone with tariffs and options on such a small device in a convenient way. And the checkout process gets really complicated when you have different prices (one-time payment & monthly rates) and different ways to pay them. Not to mention alternative addresses, number portability and so on. Visit Website

Connected Car

I made those layouts for a pitch in 2011. Sadly the client went with a way more simple idea - nevertheless I really had a lot of fun designing these screens.

Cars Of America

Cars Of America was sort of an eMagazine for iPad and iPhone I created with Wordpress. I made this shortly after the first iPad was introduced with the intention to learn how to present content on such a device. It became sort of a magazine with videos and lots of photos for every article. Just like all the eMagazines on the market, but a little earlier.

Arne Willems

Photoshooting, logo, website and CD design for a close friend of mine. /, later, was a community I started in 2006. It was a website about the popular Nintendo Wii and my first personal project which created revenue.

Invented or rethought

Omega Speedmaster Futura smartwatch

When the Pebble smartwatch was introduced on Kickstarter it started a whole new category of wearable devices. I loved the idea of having a small computer on your wrist - but as a guy who also loves watches I didn't like the design at all. In the meantime Motorola got it right with the Moto360, but if there is one watch I'd like to become a smartwatch that's an Omega Speedmaster - the famous Moonwatch.

Since the Speedmaster already is a big watch there is plenty of room for electronics. And with the three totalizers you'd have the chance to configure what to display. The well known default totalizers, a date, Facebook, E-Mail or Message reminders. And because the whole watch is a display you could even get reminders and information fullscreen.

SoundCloud Songbook

As a musician and webdesigner I have to love SoundCloud. They have an amazing product (with a few things I'd like to design differently). However there is still a gap between SoundCloud and a typical band, practicing in a garage or rehearsal space. The question is: How do you get the music to the website? Of course you can buy the equipment for recording your music, but maybe there is something more convenient. Like a pedal between your guitar and your amp, or a pedal you plug into your mixer. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and record right in the SoundCloud Songbook web application.

If you think a bit further such technology could be easily implemented into music equipment. TC Electronic added awesome technology to their bass heads, and a company like Behringer sells really nice mixers for an affordable price. Still want to go further? How about streaming your rehearsals - and even gigs - live to your fans on SoundCloud? Just close the gap.


When I was looking for a new car I surfed all the carmaker websites. Most of them make pretty nice tv spots, but their websites were lacking rich images and the emotional aspects of buying a new car. I had a free timeslot for about two hours and came up with this - just a mockup without putting too much effort into the concept of the overall website but creating an appealing first look. A few carmakers have made this step to an more emotional approach since then, like Jeep.

About me

Being a designer and a musician is both about the combination of a few simple things: creativity, experience and craft. I like to flavor it with dedication and pragmatism.

Working on a project or a new song with your team/band has also it's similarities: Listen carefully, ask the right questions and work together to create something awesome.

To give you some facts: Born in 1982 in the small city Kierspe in Germany, moved to Bonn in 2003, got married in 2012.

If I could chose a city to live and work in this would be San Francisco (where I spent a few days during our honeymoon road trip) or Berlin (where my wife comes from).

During the last years I was not only responsible for designing websites, I also did the frontend coding, project management, concepts, wrote the texts and all the other stuff that comes with web projects. And while I enjoy being so multifaceted I also learned that it's difficult to be on top of the game in every craft. Of all those components I like creating concepts and designs the most. But what I really, really love is to create new things. Things that don't exist yet. Or, to quote Steve Jobs: "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"

A coworker asked a really nice question when he started working at my current company: "We all have to work to pay our bills. Wouldn't it be cool if we could have fun doing it?"

Get in touch

Find my full address below, but if you don't like it too formal, like me, just drop me a line via Facebook or XING.