Hello Ableton

My name is Patrick and I'm a designer from Siegburg, Germany. I'm into UX/UI design with a deep love for the little details, an eye for the bigger picture and the drive to keep learning and creating great things. And I'm also a musician. I've been playing bass for about 15 years in different bands and learned that creating something in a band or company doesn't differ much. It's about achieving something together with everyone bringing in his talent. Only if these talents compliment each other chances are good you're going to rock - no one wants to listen to a band of five bassists.

During the past 12 years I've been working for i22 internetagentur GmbH. When I started I was the first designer and there were only 2 other people around. Today i22 is one of the biggest and well known agencies in the cologne-area. So I know what it takes to work hard to make yourself a name with a small team, and I know how to handle large teams.

Some years ago i22 started to implement teams for the first time and I led the design team of about 15 people. A few years later I changed my role back to actually working on projects instead of spending the day in meetings after being part of the research project simply usable. We developed and learned so many things that I just wanted to try them all out in real projects.

I mainly work on (responsive) E-Commerce projects, concepting and designing complete online shops from the first idea to the last pixel. I'm used to create prototypes - in HTML/CSS/JS or using InVision to demonstrate my ideas to clients and coders. Designing such large projects hasn't much to do with websites anymore, it's more software running in your browser. That actually means that I'm hanging out with developers all the time instead of designers. Did I mention that I speak geek fluently? Making complex things easy to use and finding new ways, not for the sake of being different but better, are the things I love.

So, why change something?

If anyone of you has worked in an agency you know that it's all about getting projects done in time and budget. That's not a bad thing. Seriously, I can working freaking fast - something I learned from these projects. But I want to create things that matter. Things you can use, that have a real value for someone. Things people love to talk about.

There is a famous quote from Steve Jobs:
"We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"

Why Ableton?

Ableton seems to be a great company. I've watched your YouTube videos dozens of times. I'd love to learn from guys like Juanpe and Amaury and speak with Ralf and his lovely german accent. And I love to make things to make music. I'm not used to electronic music, but I'd love to find out if I can put a bassline on that and make it groove. Additionally my wife is from Berlin and would like to go back - and I'm totally open for a new adventure.

I'm used to work in teams using Scrum and Kanban, and I've worked in total chaos just getting your stuff done. I've created great stuff, good stuff, ok stuff and stuff I never want to talk about again. Sometimes we fail and have to admit our ideas didn't work out as intended. That's how creating something works, isn't it?

Honestly I have no idea how to write a good application, and in my role as team lead I just got applications that didn't tell much about the person. So I hope my little introduction can tell you a bit about who I am and that I'm a good and humble guy to work with instead of just showing pictures of beautiful designs. But if you like to look at beautiful designs I'll include some just for you :-)

I'd love to hear from you guys and hope we can create something together that puts a smile on peoples faces.

Kind regards

P.S.: Want to know more? Find me on XING, LinkedIn, Medium, InstagramFacebook or Twitter. You can reach me on any of these sites and via mail or phone: 0151 54725429.